Month: July 2020

Mango smoothie Recipe

Mango smoothie Recipe  Easy Mango Smoothie Recipe on It’s Mango season once again and they are in abundance.Before you can throw away those mangoes,save them by making a healthy drink for yourself and your family. I love mangoes just as much as I love apples and pineapples. Creamy,thick and fabulous,this smoothie is delicious and easy …

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Jam Tarts Recipe

Jam Tarts Recipe Jam Tarts Recipe – This easy jam tarts recipe is made with just 7 ingredients. These tarts are a perfect sweet treat for both kids and adults. These simple ingredients make enough jam tart for the whole family. The simplicity of this jam tart recipe can’t beat recipes like cookies or waffles. …

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Easy Brownies Recipe

Easy Brownies Recipe This is my go to Easy Brownies Recipe.they are moist,sweet and they have the perfect chocolate flavor. This Homamde Brownies Recipe makes Chocolate Brownies that taste like store bought brownies. The Brownies are fudge inside  and they are made from scratch. They are moist,dense and they have a perfect fudgy texture.really perfect …

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Pepper Steak Pie

Pepper Steak Pie Pepper Steak Pie This pepper steak pie recipe will take you on a day trip to the moon as soon as you taste does not only look good,it additionally tastes great. This recipe is inspired by the scrumptious meat pies I make. Tell me a recipe extra mouthwatering and tender than …

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