Month: June 2020

Best Banana Bread

Best Banana Bread I noted in the banana cake recipe that I had baked banana bread however because I had been busy,I had not been capable of writing a post about it.But here it is thank goodness. Banana Bread Recipe I loved this Bread Recipe,it was my first time baking a banana bread and it …

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Spatchcock Chicken On Vegetables

Spatchcock Chicken On Vegetables A beautiful crispy spatchcock chicken on vegetables.This spatchcock chicken is full of flavor. It’s really easy to prepare and it gets ready in no time Spatchcocking a chicken is my favorite way of roasting a whole chicken. The chicken turns out juicy. Spatchcock chicken aka butterflied chicken is an easy way …

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Boerewors And Potato Wedges

 Boerewors And Potato Wedges What is boerewors? Boerewors pronounced as Boo-ruh-vors is a South African sausage that is mostly grilled.The name boerewors comes from Afrikaans words Boer which means “farmers” and wors which means “ initially boerewors means farmers sausage How boerewor is made Boerewors is made of 90% meat and 10% spices, these spices …

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